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hey guys, i havent been on here for months. i just reset my password to say my new tumblr is


i just woke up but im going back to bed this website is poisonous and im sick of it and im gunna get oli to change my password anyone that matters knows how to reach me i know ive said this a million times and sometimes tumblr is good for research but right now its too much 

just wanna cry/drop dead/buy pointlessly expensive clothes

spent all day doing vector drawings and talking to this laser cut studio guy knowing i’m a student and its a very simple job like a 5 minute job and they quote me a stupid amount of money this has messed up my whole plan i’m going to have to spend like half a week slicing up acetate so pissed


like after i masturabet i just get rly depressed lol for like 10 mins

(via babieswithrabiesforpresident201)


This place is just beds and alcohol ngl my kind of drinking establishment

theres a club like this in norwich that could be really nice and cosy but its just a boring club
Anonymous asked: have you ever tasted yourself?

yeh lol whenever i kiss my boyfriend haha perv

might have to get these when they come out
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